Wild Chained Man EP Out Friday 19th March 2021
Wild Chained Man is indicative of how strange the writing process can sometimes be! You take a riff that Mitch wrote in 2015, make several incarnations of the said riff, and then abandon to the vault of lost Milk grooves...there are thousands of them. Fast forward to 2019 and the vault is revisited. Mitch and Rick, throw in a spoonful of a recent heartbreak, a dash of failed relationships and a sprinkling of bittersweet reflection and voilà, Wild Chained Man is born.
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Buddhists in the Cage
"I can't wait to hear you write songs that look outward". 

Every album can be traced back to a single moment of conception when an idea germinates in your mind, then sits quietly in the universe, on the lookout for stories to tell. When the producer of Favourite Worry, Paul Butler declared the words above, none of us knew what a lasting impression that would leave on the creation of Cages.
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Spotify Launch Official Milk Playlist

Spotify has just launched an official playlist for the band.

Head over to our Spotify page now to listen to music new and old. 

This is The Milk. The essential tracks, all in one playlist.

Thanks, Spotify

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