Unveiling "Borderlands": A Journey Through Sound and Soul

Unveiling "Borderlands": A Journey Through Sound and Soul - The Milk Official Site

Hello, Milk Fans! Dan here, wielding the six-string for The Milk and thrilled to give you the inside scoop on our latest single, "Borderlands." This one’s close to our hearts, and I’m excited to share the journey that brought it to life.

From the Heart of Essex to Your Ears

We’ve come a long way from our sleepy commuter towns in Essex. Who would've thought those school days, where music was practically contraband, would lead us here? "Borderlands" is a testament to how far we’ve traveled, both musically and personally.

A Symphony of Life's Ups and Downs

"Borderlands" was born from the rollercoaster of life – marriages, births, funerals, Brexit, and the pandemic. We’ve woven all these threads into a tapestry of sound, aiming to reflect the times we've lived through. It’s our way of making sense of the chaos and finding beauty amidst the madness.

Recording at Our Spiritual Home

We recorded this track live at Woods Lodge Studios, a place that feels more like home than a studio. Under the meticulous guidance of our very own Mitch Ayling, who doubles as our drummer and producer, we’ve crafted a lush symphony of strings, brass, and choir vocals. If you listen closely, you might just hear the echo of a kettle boiling in the background – very British... oh and dont forget the biscuits.

A Stand Against Populism and Closed-Mindedness

We’ve never been shy about our disdain for jingoism and the troubling rise of populism. "Borderlands" is our response, a soulful protest wrapped in melodies and poignant lyrics. We hope it resonates with you as much as it does with us.

A Glimpse into the Future

This single is just a taste of what’s to come in our upcoming album, set to drop in Q4 2024. Expect more explorations into modern jazz and soul, all with that unmistakable Milk twist.

Coming Soon to a Stream Near You

Keep an eye out for "Borderlands" on all major streaming platforms. And if you’re craving the live experience, we’ll be hitting stages across the UK. Trust me, you won’t want to miss it!

Make sure you join us at Islington Assembly Hall on June 21st for an electrifying show with exclusive songs from the new record, visit www.thisisthemilk.com for info and tickets.

Thanks for reading, and here’s to more music, more love, and more of everything that makes life worth living.

Pre save and listen here https://ditto.fm/borderlands-the-milk


Dan Le Gresley

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