Tales From The Thames Delta - Limited Edition Vinyl (Signed)

To celebrate 10 years since our debut album reached the Top 40 UK album chart we are releasing a very special limited edition, signed, double heavy vinyl, crowdfunding campaign.

Featuring all of the tracks from the original record plus 7 songs from the making of the record, that never made the final album. 

Hundreds of you have asked for a vinyl version of Delta over the years and we are thrilled to finally give you the opportunity. 

Listening back to our archive from that time, we left out some really incredible songs and it seems strange that these tracks have never been heard before, we hope you love them as much as we do. 

There will only be 500 copies of Tales From The Thames Delta Limited Edition Vinyl.

Update Jan 2023 - We have hit our crowdfunding target of 125 copies and we will be manufacturing the vinyl. turnaround times are 8-12 weeks, first deliveries will be sent in April 2023 or asap, price does not include p&p.

169 sold of 125

135% funded

This product will only be produced if at least 125 units are supported by April 30, 2023 05:55 (London)

Calculating time remaining

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