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As a band, we have always shied away from any overt reference to society when discussing our music. It always seemed to us that there we’re more informed people who could deal with that sort of thing. However, whilst writing the latest record our sentiments have swayed somewhat. Maybe it's just the natural process of getting older, perhaps wiser; maybe its a reflection of the environment we find ourselves in as the thoughtful silent majority in Britain today. 

There is a severe lack of real critical thinking in our society. Especially when division and prejudice have become the mainstream. All of us can choose to challenge the propagation of this fucking stupidity and maybe music can no longer be a mirror held up to reality but a hammer with which to shape it. 

'Colours' is ultimately a song about unity.

The chord sequence had been bouncing around the walls of the studio for a while, along with some basic ideas for melody and groove. It wasn’t until Luke entered with the quote "all colours will agree in the dark” that things started coming together. Unanimously we loved the sentiment. It touched on shared feelings of the disquiet we had been experiencing outside the studio walls. We shaped and polished this premise into the lyrics and melody of the track. Extended chordal harmony, sparse production and a heavy focus on sounds; helped echo the theme of the song. This attitude was carried into the recording process too, where the track demanded the right atmosphere to catch a performance. 

An evening at Livingston Studios, some Palo Santo and a few Carlsberg Exports provided the tools. So close your eyes, have a listen and remember we are all the same when the lights are off.


Much Love


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